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CBD Pet Products

CBD Oil for Pets

The potential benefits of CBD are not confined to humans alone. Animals also have an endocannabinoid system and can process cannabinoids just like humans. Active CBD oil has several products that are great for pets and humans alike!

Active CBD oil products come in a range of strengths and animal-friendly flavors like bacon and chicken. Our pet products are held to the same high standard as our entire CBD line with 3rd party lab testing and only the highest quality ingredients. All of our CBD oil for pets is THC-free.

Perfect Solutions for Every Pet

From tinctures to treats, we strive to make it easy for you to administer the perfect dose of CBD for animals. We have options for even the pickiest cat, dog or other pet or you can use CBD isolate powder to create your own unique product that your furry friend is sure to love.

Tasty Treats, With an Added Health Boost

One of our best-loved CBD oil products for pets is the Active CBD oil dog biscuits. This high-quality CBD for animals is ideal for small, accurate dosing with each treat containing 5mg of CBD. This product containing CBD for animals is organic, gluten and soy-free and flavored with savory pumpkin. For larger dogs or larger doses, check out our CBD oil flavored pet tinctures.

It doesn’t have to be a big undertaking to let your pets experience the potential benefits of Active CBD oil. With our innovative range of products containing CBD oil for pets, you’re sure to find something your pet loves.

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