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CBD Coffee

What is CBD Infused Coffee?

Red Jacket Coffee Company takes their gourmet, small batch, coffee and combines it with a Broad Spectrum CBD (Cannabidiol) Hemp Oil Extract that is THC free and made from Non-GMO Hemp.  Our special Infusion process allows us to combine the beans natural oils with the CBD oil so that the beans will absorb the CBD Hemp Oil Extract.   This special Infusion process allows us to have a uniform distribution of CBD within each our small batches of gourmet coffee.   Therfore the CBD potency levels by volume are the same regardless of the package size, or whole bean versus ground coffee.

How Do I Brew CBD Infused Coffee?

Use 0.5 oz of ground coffee per 6 to 8 oz. of water.  Our pre-ground coffee can be used direct from the bag, while the whole bean coffee must be ground to a medium to fine grind for standard hot coffee.   A course ground is recommended for cold brew coffee.  We do not recommend using any coffee maker with a paper filter.  Paper filters can absorb not only the oil from the coffee bean during brewing, but will also absorb the CBD.  The best method for making CBD coffee is using a French Press or Pour Over method.  Capresso machines also work very well to get the most fresh individual cup of coffee.   Standard drip coffee makers can be used if equipped with a metal mesh filter instead of the paper filter.  You may also use the refillable K-Cup pods.


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