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CBD Edibles

CBD infused edibles are often described as the tastiest way to enjoy CBD. With our massive collection of high-quality, cleanroom certified edibles, it is easy to find a product that appeals to every taste! CBD infused edibles include everything from juicy CBD gummies to creamy dark chocolate. Mix up your daily CBD routine by adding one of our CBD infused edibles.

Longer Lasting Effects, But Slower Absorption

CBD oil edibles are absorbed into the bloodstream through the liver during digestion. This means that it can take longer to start to notice potential effects, however the results last a longer period of time. This makes it perfect for those who want to enjoy the potential benefits of CBD for an extended period of time.

In addition to chocolate and gummies, we offer CBD infused coffee, loose leaf tea, and water as well as different syrups and honey sticks. We understand everyone’s daily routine is different and have formulated a variety of CBD edibles to suit many different needs.

Decadent Edibles for a Sweet Treat

Active CBD oil Dark Chocolate is a true Colorado experience combining over 100 years of chocolate making technique with the highest quality CBD available. CBD infused honey sticks are perfect for a 20mg CBD boost on-the-go! CBD gummies are often the most recognizable CBD oil edible and are considered a classic favorite.

Discover CBD is leading the industry with the newest innovation in CBD oil edibles with Active CBD oil-infused coffee. Creating a CBD infused coffee pairs the energy boost of caffeine with the potential benefits of CBD. If coffee is not your thing, we offer several flavors of handcrafted loose leaf tea that is sure to match your mood. If hydration is your goal, you can always grab a bottle of CBD Living Water. Find your new favorite CBD infused edible treat today!

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